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Slater & Webflow: No-code to Know-code

Turn no-code.. into know-code.

Slater’s mission is to help Webflowers do custom code as easily and painlessly as possible.

Custom code: Although Webflow offers a myriad of options for non-coders, its architecture doesn't always allow for seamless integration of custom code. This separation, while necessary for stability, limits deep customization.

Functionality: Despite its robustness, Webflow doesn't have all the answers. Some specific needs, whether aesthetic or functional, may not be met by the platform's internal tools.

Compatibility: Each Webflow update brings its share of new features. But this also means that custom code has to be reviewed and adapted, ensuring that functionality remains intact.

Security: Adding external code is always risky. Every line must be scrutinized to ensure that no backdoors or vulnerabilities are introduced.

Expertise: Webflow was designed to be accessible, but adding custom code requires a certain amount of expertise. An error could compromise the integrity of the site.

Volume of code: Webflow's quantitative limits on adding code can sometimes hamper the ambitions of even the most daring developers.

Code verification: The testing phase is crucial to any project. The obligation to publish the site for each test can be time-consuming and discouraging, especially during the migration phase.

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Why not just use AI?
Of course you can just use Chat GPT, Bard or whatever, but the useful part of Slater is that it’s all built in to the same product, so you have a streamlined experience prompting Slater to get your custom code.
Why is Slater better than CodeSandbox and GitHub repository?
CodeSandbox or VSCode and GitHub are a powerful combination. GitHub Copilot works a lot like Slater’s AI functionality. However, the advantage of using Slater is that you don’t need to use multiple platforms. Slater is designed to streamline your workflow into just one platform: Webflow. Also, Slater's database runs on Amazon Web Services, so your code is safe.
Do Webflowers even need to know custom code?
This is an important question. Webflow can be a no-code tool, but if you start hitting roadblocks using Webflow and need custom features you can't create natively, you may need custom code.
Who should use Slater?
Slater is made for Webflowers who want to supercharge their websites with custom code. While there are users like Corey Moen who has a good base experience with custom code, there are other users who have never coded before that are keen to push the boundaries for their clients in their Webflow projects. If you are someone who is hitting boundaries with your Webflow projects and wants to look beyond, Slater is for you.
What are the next steps for Slater’s product development?
We are constantly thinking of new ways for the community to be involved in shaping Slater, and just like with Webflow's product development, we see the community's public code snippets as a key part of this product's evolution.
How do I become part of the Slater community?
Join our Slack community to give feedback, ask questions about particular problems with projects, and more.