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Slater New Experience: 6 Big Changes & How They Benefit You


If you’re part of Slater Slack, you have no doubt seen plans afoot to massively level up the Slater UI.

We are are excited to dig into the nitty gritty features, but the net is we are building from the ground up a new way to extend Webflow and we want you to have first access.

And don't worry, you will be able to toggle back and forth between the new experience and the old experience (but we’re confident you will enjoy the new UI and features more!).

Here’s the 6 big changes and why they benefit you:

1.Improve user experience

  • Views: improved views for specific functionality.
  • Files: easy access to all of your Javascript and CSS files.
  • Tabs: work on your files across multiple tabs.
  • Saved states: your editor retains views, tabs, settings and more when you come back to it.

2.Improved Single Script

  • API driven: Slater gets pages from the API rather than the sitemap so you don’t run into Webflow free tier issues
  • Pages: you have more control over pages run specific Slater files.
  • Folders: write javascript to pages in folders.


  • Easily search through your projects
  • Know which team members created projects
  • Know which projects you have transferred
  • Know which projects are transferred
  • Earn points for project transferrals on the slater advocates scheme

4. Snapshots

  • Your code is automatically saved for later retrieval

5. Editor settings

  • Configure tab length, font size, colors and more

6. Improved javascript files

  • You Javascript file loads faster
  • Javascript errors remain local to the file

These changes will first be rolled out to paying Slater users and then to members on the Playground plan.

What’s coming next for Slater?

A sneak peek at what’s next on the roadmap…

  1. Documentation
  2. Variables
  3. Community Library
  4. Slater Pros
  5. Slater Advocates
  6. Slater Affiliates

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