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Making Award Winning Webflow Websites By Harnessing AI | With Kabarza

(Kabarza) Fateh Khodamoradi
Webflow Coach

Kabaraza has stunning animations on his project. Kabarza needed to know custom code to be able to do this. Or did he?

Kabarza is well known in the Webflow space for being a Flux Academy mentor, agency owner and product creator.

He built a pretty insane website recently:

SOUL Church

He even got a special kudos from CSS design awards for it.

It has stunning animations which are outside of Webflow’s native capabilities. Kabarza needed to know custom code to be able to do this. Or did he?

Turns out he just used the AI functionality in Slater.

As Kabarza explains, he knew enough code to write effective prompts in Slater but not enough to write the code perfectly himself:

I'm not a JavaScript developer. I just have the very basic understandings of what is a function, and how to create very simple things. I don’t really write JavaScript myself. I just use AI and I understand enough to play around with it and for that reason it's really great. You can get much further when you have like a really rough understanding of code. If you know nothing about it, you can still hear ask AI and let it write something for you. But if you know the very basic understandings, you can do much more crazy stuff.

Not only does Slater enable Kabarza to ask questions but you can also click “explain code,” or “debug,” code to help him understand what Slater is producing. This means Kabarza is learning JS by using Slater too!

But as Kabarza got more and more confidence using Slater, more and more code was written and lines and lines of code requires a place for that code to be hosted. One big problem with using Webflow for custom code is that there is a 10,000 character limit. If you are doing a lot of custom code on individual web pages with more than 10,000 characters, you would normally need to host that code elsewhere.

And you can run out of characters very quickly if you add anything special. So this is a great place to add... as much code as you want without hitting that limitation.

The other issue Kabarza faced when building this website was the team aspect of building this site. Although this Slater feature is being worked on and improved, Kabarza was able to invite team members to the project and work on the code simultaneously.

Kabarza is excited for the Slater code libraries to be improved. After useful code is written for one use case, you will soon be able to save that code to reuse somewhere else.

Thanks so much for sharing your Webflow project with us!

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