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How Do Agencies Use Slater? | With Alex Teillet


Mekaa agency is a Parisian agency founded by Alex Teillet. We interviewed him in to ask him how he was using Slater in his agency. Here is a bit of a summary of his key points though!

Why does Alex use Slater and not other tools?

Alex shares his love for a particular development environment. He thinks it looks awesome and is super safe for writing code. He really digs its simplicity and the way it's designed - the User Interface (UI) and User Experience (UX) are on point. On the other hand, he finds other environments like VS Code a bit overwhelming with all the extensions and plugins. What Alex also loves are the AI features that help him understand the code and catch errors. Plus, it's so user-friendly that he can easily integrate external scripts without making a mess of the code. It just makes everything easier to grasp.

Why does Alex use Slater?

Alex is sharing his experiences with Webflow. He finds it pretty useful for managing multiple projects. For smaller stuff, like creating a couple of websites, he says Webflow works just fine without having to mess with custom code. But when it comes to bigger, more complex projects, like SEO optimization for clients, managing custom code within Webflow becomes a real pain. It slows down the website and editing it is a hassle. Alex, being a non-techie, prefers a no-code approach and appreciates a simple solution that's easy to install and manage. He admits he's not the best at writing Javascript or building complex websites from scratch, unlike his colleagues. He's on the lookout for a simple solution that provides a safe and friendly environment for him to write code. That's why his team decided to go with "later" (probably another development environment) because it offers easier collaboration, cool AI features, and a sense of security when writing code.

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